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This is a demonstration of an "Anti-counterfeiting/tracking QR". It will display the originator's note (this text), picture, web link, audio link - if they exist.

It will also display a list of the intrnet address IP) and location of everyone who has previously scanned this QR.

Everytime someone scans this QR, their IP address and the IP's physical location will be added to the list.

It is virtually impossible to guess a valid QR code (1 in 56,800,235,584) and the quantity and location of scans makes spotting illegal copies obvious.
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Previous Scan IPLikely Location
20180126104.238.164.105Elk Grove Village, Illinois, United States
2018012645.32.7.22Piscataway, New Jersey, United States
20180126209.222.30.242London, England, United Kingdom
2018012645.63.26.78Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
2018012745.32.145.79Aubervilliers, le-de-France, France
2018012966.102.6.148Mountain View, California, United States
2018013166.249.75.20Leander, Texas, United States
20180202191.237.169.211Boydton, Virginia, United States
2018020493.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
20180206144.76.8.134Text Desc MAP
2018020873.21.101.54Savannah, Georgia, United States
20180213157.50.59.119Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
20180213220.181.108.161Beijing, Beijing, China
20180221191.237.169.211Boydton, Virginia, United States
2018022166.102.6.190Mountain View, California, United States
2018022173.21.101.54Savannah, Georgia, United States
2018022766.249.69.32Mountain View, California, United States
20180327216.244.66.236Seattle, Washington, United States
20180329141.8.144.42Text Desc MAP
20180412173.208.206.50Kansas City, Missouri, United States
2018042469.30.234.2Kansas City, Missouri, United States
2018051166.249.66.17Mountain View, California, United States
20180524173.212.201.251Text Desc MAP
2018061794.130.186.105Text Desc MAP
2018062493.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
20180626216.244.66.244Seattle, Washington, United States
2018081493.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
20180904198.204.244.90Text Desc MAP
2018092266.249.79.253Text Desc MAP
20180925216.244.66.244Text Desc MAP
2018092593.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
201811105.9.98.234Text Desc MAP
2018111593.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
2018121466.249.66.35Text Desc MAP
2018122793.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
20181228216.244.66.244Text Desc MAP
2019012969.30.221.250Text Desc MAP
2019020693.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
2019022766.249.66.35Text Desc MAP
2019030266.249.66.38Text Desc MAP
2019030269.242.198.145Text Desc MAP
2019030366.249.66.38Text Desc MAP
2019031566.249.66.35Text Desc MAP
2019031566.249.66.38Text Desc MAP
2019032046.229.168.148Text Desc MAP
2019032166.249.66.32Text Desc MAP
2019032266.249.66.32Text Desc MAP
2019032266.249.66.35Text Desc MAP
2019032393.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
20190330216.244.66.244Text Desc MAP
2019040146.229.168.133Text Desc MAP
2019040466.249.64.198Text Desc MAP
2019040566.249.64.195Text Desc MAP
2019040566.249.64.192Text Desc MAP
2019041266.249.64.195Text Desc MAP
2019041246.229.168.146Text Desc MAP
20190419144.76.99.215Text Desc MAP
2019050493.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
2019050954.36.149.90Text Desc MAP
2019050954.36.148.33Text Desc MAP
2019051554.36.149.52Text Desc MAP
2019052754.36.149.40Text Desc MAP
2019060254.36.150.97Text Desc MAP
2019060354.36.150.179Text Desc MAP
2019060954.36.150.0Text Desc MAP
2019061493.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
2019061554.36.149.97Text Desc MAP
2019061746.229.168.136Text Desc MAP
2019062254.36.148.7Text Desc MAP
2019062266.249.66.32Text Desc MAP
2019062854.36.150.183Text Desc MAP
2019062946.229.168.140Text Desc MAP
2019062954.36.148.78Text Desc MAP
20190704216.244.66.244Text Desc MAP
2019070654.36.150.36Text Desc MAP
2019070693.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
201907085.9.154.69Text Desc MAP
2019071246.229.168.142Text Desc MAP
2019071254.36.150.154Text Desc MAP
2019071754.36.148.122Text Desc MAP
2019072254.36.148.131Text Desc MAP
2019072346.229.168.133Text Desc MAP
2019080754.36.148.76Text Desc MAP
2019080893.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
2019081246.229.168.132Text Desc MAP
2019081354.36.150.153Text Desc MAP
2019081993.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
2019081954.36.150.186Text Desc MAP
2019082054.36.150.6Text Desc MAP
2019082146.229.168.142Text Desc MAP
2019082654.36.148.137Text Desc MAP
2019083046.229.168.137Text Desc MAP
2019083154.36.148.108Text Desc MAP
2019090754.36.150.131Text Desc MAP
2019090846.229.168.161Text Desc MAP
2019091354.36.150.17Text Desc MAP
2019091646.229.168.147Text Desc MAP
2019091954.36.148.231Text Desc MAP
2019092054.36.150.45Text Desc MAP
2019092493.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
2019092546.229.168.141Text Desc MAP
2019092654.36.148.151Text Desc MAP
201909265.9.156.20Text Desc MAP
2019100354.36.148.163Text Desc MAP
20191004216.244.66.244Text Desc MAP
2019100546.229.168.145Text Desc MAP
2019100954.36.148.196Text Desc MAP
2019101266.249.64.38Text Desc MAP
2019101446.229.168.130Text Desc MAP
2019101554.36.149.103Text Desc MAP
2019102854.36.148.227Text Desc MAP
2019110354.36.148.52Text Desc MAP
2019110486.189.182.10Text Desc MAP
2019110954.36.150.17Text Desc MAP
2019111554.36.149.30Text Desc MAP
2019112093.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
2019112546.229.168.129Text Desc MAP
2019112854.36.148.48Text Desc MAP
2019120354.36.148.211Text Desc MAP
2019120746.229.168.133Text Desc MAP
2019120954.36.150.86Text Desc MAP
2019121593.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
20191215173.212.194.14Text Desc MAP
2019121654.36.150.178Text Desc MAP
2019121846.229.168.141Text Desc MAP
2019122954.36.150.169Text Desc MAP
2019122946.229.168.141Text Desc MAP
2020010693.158.161.29Text Desc MAP
20200106216.244.66.244Text Desc MAP
2020010866.249.70.6Text Desc MAP
2020011146.229.168.132Text Desc MAP
2020011654.36.149.80Text Desc MAP
2020012554.36.149.57Text Desc MAP
2020020146.229.168.135Text Desc MAP
2020020354.36.150.8Text Desc MAP
2020020954.36.150.145Text Desc MAP
2020021346.229.168.141Text Desc MAP
2020022154.36.148.222Text Desc MAP
2020022746.229.168.137Text Desc MAP
2020022754.36.148.189Text Desc MAP
2020030354.36.150.20Text Desc MAP
20200305186.88.241.41Text Desc MAP
20200305213.239.216.194Text Desc MAP
2020030746.229.168.146Text Desc MAP
2020030854.36.148.69Text Desc MAP
2020031054.36.148.167Text Desc MAP
20200312207.46.13.126Text Desc MAP
2020031554.36.150.103Text Desc MAP
2020032054.36.150.140Text Desc MAP
20200321151.80.39.205Text Desc MAP
2020032366.249.66.38Text Desc MAP
20200324207.46.13.204Text Desc MAP
2020032546.229.168.137Text Desc MAP
2020032654.36.148.169Text Desc MAP
2020040254.36.148.167Text Desc MAP
20200406207.46.13.215Text Desc MAP
2020040854.36.148.170Text Desc MAP
20200408216.244.66.244Text Desc MAP
2020041454.36.150.184Text Desc MAP
2020041854.36.148.234Text Desc MAP
2020042054.36.149.39Text Desc MAP
2020042154.36.150.39Text Desc MAP
2020042754.36.148.109Text Desc MAP
2020042854.36.148.183Text Desc MAP
20200429207.46.13.204Text Desc MAP
2020050354.36.150.120Text Desc MAP
2020050846.229.168.145Text Desc MAP
2020050954.36.149.14Text Desc MAP
20200509207.46.13.40Text Desc MAP
2020051646.229.168.133Text Desc MAP
2020052118.210.14.200Text Desc MAP
2020052134.207.189.238Text Desc MAP
2020052346.229.168.134Text Desc MAP
2020052354.36.148.195Text Desc MAP
202005235.9.140.242Text Desc MAP
2020053046.229.168.152Text Desc MAP
2020060546.229.168.138Text Desc MAP
20200605157.55.39.231Text Desc MAP
2020061246.229.168.142Text Desc MAP
20200616157.55.39.157Text Desc MAP
2020061785.208.96.17Text Desc MAP
2020061846.229.168.150Text Desc MAP
2020062154.36.148.48Text Desc MAP
2020062546.229.168.145Text Desc MAP
2020062685.208.96.6Text Desc MAP
2020063046.229.168.137Text Desc MAP
2020070546.229.168.132Text Desc MAP
20200709216.244.66.244Text Desc MAP
2020071146.229.168.141Text Desc MAP
2020071354.36.148.26Text Desc MAP
2020071539.53.95.178Text Desc MAP
2020071646.229.168.163Text Desc MAP
2020071946.229.168.145Text Desc MAP
2020072166.249.66.38Text Desc MAP
2020072346.229.168.131Text Desc MAP
2020072646.229.168.163Text Desc MAP
2020072946.229.168.147Text Desc MAP
2020080246.229.168.152Text Desc MAP
2020080454.36.149.78Text Desc MAP
2020080546.229.168.152Text Desc MAP
2020080846.229.168.149Text Desc MAP
20200811192.151.145.82Text Desc MAP
2020082346.229.168.135Text Desc MAP
2020082646.229.168.153Text Desc MAP
2020082754.36.148.240Text Desc MAP
2020090746.229.168.162Text Desc MAP
2020091685.208.98.20Text Desc MAP
2020091854.36.148.240Text Desc MAP
20200923185.191.171.15Text Desc MAP
20200926185.191.171.34Text Desc MAP
2020100954.36.148.227Text Desc MAP
20201011185.191.171.16Text Desc MAP
20201013216.244.66.244Text Desc MAP
20201014185.191.171.18Text Desc MAP
20201019207.46.13.241Text Desc MAP
2020102366.249.66.32Text Desc MAP
2020102466.249.66.62Text Desc MAP
202010315.9.70.72Text Desc MAP
20201031185.191.171.5Text Desc MAP
2020103154.36.148.186Text Desc MAP
20201115185.191.171.13Text Desc MAP
2020111885.208.98.18Text Desc MAP
2020112254.36.148.125Text Desc MAP
20201126185.191.171.20Text Desc MAP
2020120535.153.39.7Text Desc MAP